Intellectual Property

Alitair Pharmaceuticals focuses on developing innovative treatments using the 505(b)(2) approval pathway for some of its pipeline products.  Our patent portfolio includes potential new options and approaches. When coupled with lower research and development costs, these potential indications can be more attractive than traditional, full New Drug Application (NDA) regulatory filings. Yet Alitair is still focused on areas with significant unmet market needs such as cough or helping combat the Opioid Crisis in the area of abuse and misuse of prescription medicines.

Ion Exchange Resin Technology

Using ion exchange resin breakthroughs, Alitair has developed robust capabilities for a variety of therapy areas including overdose reduction technologies and cough treatments.  Alitair is seeking development partners for our patented ion exchange resin technology.  Contact us here to learn more about partnering with us.

Patent Portfolio

Alitair currently holds the following patents:

Several additional patents are pending.