Welcome to Alitair Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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Alitair is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing proprietary ion-exchange resin formulations, prescription cough medicines, and a pipeline of Orphan Drugs.

Our proprietary formulation technology and portfolio of respiratory products address unmet medical needs. Our portfolio consists of patent protected, late-stage, well-characterized small molecules with clear regulatory paths to approval. We will utilize both the FDA 505(b)(2) and Orphan Drug pathways to reduce development costs, shorten approval timelines, and optimize the chances of FDA approval.

Alitair holds five key US patents that support our portfolio. Our most recent patent covers our Overdose Reduction (ODR™) technology. This patent supports a formulation platform that provides both Abuse Deterrence and Overdose Reduction benefits. This is a unique value proposition that provides Alitair with a major opportunity for out-licensing to biopharmaceutical companies with branded products or generic products in the opioid, benzodiazepine, anti-anxiolytic, and anti-depressive categories.

Our prescription cough and bronchiectasis pipeline products will compete in large established markets that together exceed $7 billion in potential. Our lead bronchiectasis product, ALT-09, could be the first prescription mucolytic medicine indicated for bronchiectasis in the USA. Our lead prescription cough product, benzonatate, is formulated into a twice-a-day tablet that could provide safety, convenience, and compliance benefits to patients. And, it is a non-narcotic option for physicians and patients.

We are committed to "Helping the World Breathe Easier™" -- either directly through our respiratory product portfolio, or through the additional peace of mind provided by ODR™.

We invite you to contact us for more information on licensing and business development opportunities.